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Thursday, 28 July 2011

A Spoon Full Of Jail Makes The Medicine Go Down

Michael Ausiello tweeted earlier letting us know that 'Twenty Vicodin' will be the title of the S8 premiere. Here is what he had to say:

So now we're all left thinking of all the possible reasons for the mention of Vicodin and particularly the number twenty. I don't think that we should necessarily accept that twenty refers to a number of Vicodin.

I'll think about the new title and hopefully come up with something more substantial to post later on. In the meantime the floor is open for any suggestions! 

Yesterday @pkbhouse invited fans to guess the meaning behind 'Twenty Vicodin' and RTd his favourites on Twitter. Check out the suggestions: http://twitter.com/#!/pkbhouse

I wonder if anyone came close.


  1. I guess it's for example the number of pill he gets from the jail doc to do a bit softer detox than going dry turkey.

    But with that, the story is not told, it leads to so many possibilities.

    How would he choose to take the pills? Will he save something for emergencies, like getting bitten up or such? Would he use them fast because they can be stolen from him? Will some be stolen from him? Will he even share some with some unlucky guy who is worse off at the moment? Will he use some to buy himself something he sorely needs?

    Sig as Visitkarte (LJ is again on strike)

  2. Thanks for the suggestion! I've now linked the post to P. Blake's Twitter page so everyone can see yesterday's suggestions. I thought that was an excellent way of getting the fans involved.