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Sunday, 3 July 2011

Does 'Dark Matter' = Time Warping?

My last post referred to the premiere of Season 8 possibly having the title 'Dark Matter'. Peter Blake told us the title was not very revealing in terms of the episode content. Now link this to Michael Ausiello's 'Blind Item':

Is 'Dark Matter' a reference to the time lapse, a sort of black hole in which we not only lose time but valuable exchanges between characters or plot twists...The blind item can of course be talking about various different shows, so there is no concrete evidence that is in fact some insight into the premiere of Season 8.

Here is a little passage I read on Wikipedia (I know..) which I found interesting and which may corroborate this theory. I've highlighted some phrases I thought were relevant in terms of TIME and the AMOUNT of dark matter in the Universe. It's not as sombre as it sounds but if you relate it to House and his misery, he seems to understand a lot about the Universe, not wanting to depend upon the seemingly little amount of 'light'. The part about dark matter also being transparent is of course paradoxical out of context. House himself is a paradox relying on 'happiness' in the form of misery. This could also mean that things that we have missed in the time lapse will later become apparent, in a 'flash back' manner after the 'flash forward'.

I also like the fact that the 'Big Bang' was interpreted by the Friedmann equations. It's more than likely a huge coincidence, but who knows, maybe Liz Friedman has had some input on the episode... 

On a serious note, I really do think the 'Dark Matter/ time lapse theory is a valid one. Is it the correct one? Probably not. But I would like to thank @bnm_productions for talking about dark matter in a scientific term and thus triggering my brain to make the connection. 

So, could [H]ouse be losing time? If so, what will we be missing?


  1. This won't be a long comment, since I only have 2 remarks:
    It's indeed a valid theory and the Friedmann equations made me laugh so much!

  2. I do like looking for a connection here but I also think we're only conspiring because there's no way we can know why "Dark Matter".
    About the Dark Matter referring to a time lapse, that would be valid for Lisa's departure, because if they just kick her out from one day to another it would be even more disapointing so that's a "good" way to "solve" the problem with Cuddy. They start S8 some months after and then they get back to her issue. But that would also be worse for the plot and the other characters so I'm not so sure about that measure.

  3. Now, as a science girl, I also have my scientific theories.
    Here is the more scientific one. We know the Dark Matter is a largely unknown extension of the universe. We don't know the nature of that matter but we do know is part of the reason why the universe exists and moves. That could lead to a relation between House and the Dark Matter. We don't really know his inside and we're lost sometimes in the depths of his thoughts, but we do know he's essential and the rest of the characters also do.
    Though the Dark Matter is really important for understanding the universe (that could mean the whole series),it's really hard to restrict the limits of its importance and its consequences; the anomalies encountered in galactic rotation (that could relate to the hallucinations) are not completely explained by just its existence.

    But I have to admit that I got carried away for the science, all of that it's just unlikely and stupid so maybe the "most valid" theory is the one where they use the Dark Matter term as a symbol of the unkown and ignorance. I mean, a new season, a new House, and maybe after all that had happened is a House we don't expect, a House we don't understand.

  4. Thank you so much for posting from a scientific perspective Dana. I found what you said extremely interesting. I don't think it really matters whether something is 'right' or 'wrong' because each viewer will see an episode from his/her own perspective. We absorb different things, identify with different parts/characters...No one sees an episode in exactly the same way. That's one of the things that interests me most. I appreciate different points of view because they open doors and present new ways of looking at something.

    I like that Dark Matter could be a metaphor for House, someone so complex and often incomprehensible. As we pointed out dark matter makes up a huge percentage of matter, which I thought you linked well to House being the central character. Another interesting point is the anomalies in the galactic rotation, which I had linked to the time lapse and which you linked to anomalies in House himself (which I like VERY much...). Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts. So perhaps 'Dark Matter' really does equal the unknown....independent of which way you look at it...

  5. First of all, I love NCISMelanie's gif!! She's the greatest... In terms of 'dark matter', and its essence of being 'unknown,' if you think about it, the show "House" essentially deals with the unknown: every episode concentrates on a complex, unknown medical mystery that House solves within the proverbial hour... They frequently use it as a plot device, or as an episode title (i.e. "Known Unknowns" S6) In reference to Ausiello's article, I think that the show he's writing about must be "House" in terms of creating a 'time warp' because I quite frankly can't see any other way the writers can deal with Lisa E's sudden absence. Also, the writers tend to be big on using plot devices that involve hallucinations, amnesia, and the like, so it would not surprise me at all. Unfortunately, this looks like the last season, so hopefully the writers will step up and make it a great one!

  6. What you wrote about the unknown essence of dark matter relating to the medicine itself is very interesting, and adds another layer to the 'unknown' element. I also like that you thought of other mind altering conditions such as amnesia. I had originally thought Dark Matter was a reference to the brain (as in grey matter but darker because it's House). Amnesia or any condition that would cloud and thus 'darken reality' would also account for the time lapse in terms of memory. And yes, the time lapse would facilitate Lisa's departure. Thank you very much for your post.