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Friday, 1 July 2011

What 'Dark Matter' Will House Be Dealing With?

Peter Blake or @pkbhouse (writer) tweeted telling all [H]ouse fans that the Season 8 premiere could be entitled 'Dark Matter', and said it was a "fake spoiler" because it didn't really reveal anything about the content of the episode. He invited us to guess nonetheless, making sure he keeps fans interested in the show during the hiatus; especially after the 'controversial' ending to the season and Lisa Edelstein's departure from the show.

My first reaction (and my tweet to him) when I read the title : "Brain related? Dark instead of grey because it's House. Or, (more likely), a dark matter as in a sombre, difficult issue?" But that was tweeted on a whim, without much thought. I will consider the matter (sorry, I had to...) and hopefully we can start a discussion.

Looks like we won't be getting any more clues about 'Dark Matter':

Ok, not my most eloquent moment.

So it's all down to us. Think you know what he may be referring to? Just leave a comment.


  1. Ok, so I'm here on official Suspect duty. My orders were to share my ideas with the rest of the class and get this discussion underway.
    First you should know that I use the term "ideas" in an extremely loose and fanciful manner since I've learned of the above mentioned ep title literally 5 mins ago.
    Honestly, dear House writers, I'm a bit tired of your taunting and teasing. It only gets my hopes up and ends up biting me in the ass. I'm a little behind with my tetanus shots, so if you don't mind...play nice or as the song goes:"you say it best when you say nothing at all". Better yet, that 1st rule of writing "Show, don't tell"? That would be nice. It would decrease the need for all those In-House featurettes where they desperately try to explain what they were attempting to achieve in a given episode. If the writing is right, there is no need for such elaborate explanations, or justifications, as I call them. But that's a bit harsh and I'm off topic. I apologize.
    Now about this "Dark Matter" issue...Honestly, I would have been surprised if PBlake had tweeted a title that sounded bright and optimistic. Dark, twisted and painful is what we have come to expect from House - just think of Wilson's conversation with the cop. We always expect the worst. Shore&Co made cynics of us all. Talk about an influential TV show. However, judging by that beach scene, we might be in for a surprise. For better or for worse? For good? You tell me.
    Anyway, to get back on track: the words dark matter make me think of physics and the Universe: House is that black hole that attracts appears to swallow and destroy everything it comes in contact with. "I've become Death, the destroyer of worlds", anyone? Hell, we might just as well call him The Dark Knight or the Prince of Darkness. Then again, dark matter might be a nod to that big brain of his; it's dark and scary inside there. What is more, the show itself doesn't skirt away from exploring dark and disturbing issues. That is their bread and butter. And so is generating interest, making crazed House fans run in circles and chase their tails by posting "fake" scripts, photos and trailers. Thank you GY, it's been fun.

  2. The truth is, this is all piss-poor guesswork and hypothesizing, which is exactly what TPTB want. Misleading is their specialty, we should know that by now.
    The truth is, I have no idea how the show is going to reinvent itself -once again- and dig itself out of that big, deep, dark hole. But the kicker is: I might not really care. I'll watch S8, that's a guarantee but those butterflies in my stomach, that excitement and anticipation? I think it's gone. Or maybe in a coma since House ran it over with his car. No, actually, the latter is an exaggeration. I'd be OK with the car "incident" had Lisa stayed on because then we would have gotten an opportunity to properly address this controversial decision and see how the two of them function in its wake.
    What I'd really like to know is not the ep title but whether the show will pick up where it let off or if there will be a time jump. I am betting on the latter. Say, we open to House who has just finished his vacation on a tropical island where he was laying low waiting for the storm to blow over - I'm assuming Cuddy would want to pack up and leave ASAP thus effectively severing all ties with him,whereas pressing charges, going to court would mean, reliving the incident and facing House again. Since we definitely won't be seeing HER next season...
    Personally, I'd like to see House on some sort of probation and sentenced to 500hrs of pro bono work. That would enable us to meet new characters. But that's just me talking.
    What bothers me the most, is of course, the fact that Lisa won't be getting a proper send off. Kutner had a funeral and a facebook fanpage, Amber's departure was monumental in its implications and even Cameron got to say her final goodbye. Lisa, one of the staples of the show, has definitely deserved more.
    Dark times indeed my friends.

  3. Tried to post a long comment but it did not go through.... :( am now too tired to rewrite it - will do it tomorrow Steph! Problems connecting to Google - the usual - but I will come through for you - I always keep my promises! xD

  4. It always makes me happy when people want to contribute their views! Look forward to reading it.