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Wednesday, 27 July 2011

S8 Premiere Title Guess : A Stitch In Time Saves Nine

While we wait for Peter Blake to tell us the new title for the premiere of S8 (he will no longer be using 'Dark Matter') this is my suggestion:

'A Stitch In Time Saves Nine'

Any part of this sentence would work well:

'A Stitch' - This could mean an ache, a problem, a solution...

'In Time' - Reference to the time lapse, doing something 'in time' as in succeeding, or waiting for something to happen (being patient)...

'Saves Nine' - He saves nine lives in some way or another (in prison, consulting from afar for patients at PPTH) as a form of retribution....cutting his sentence short perhaps.

The phrase itself as a whole (for those who don't know) means resolving a problem as soon as it presents itself rather than later having to deal with more extreme consequences (a reference to 'Moving On').

We should find out the REAL title today so stay tuned.


  1. I'd suggest "Moment Of Surrender"

  2. I like that. It's straightforward and strong and yet it can be interpreted in more than one way.

  3. Yes that and it's the title of a U2 song... win-win!

  4. @PaulaVRodriguez27 July 2011 at 17:56

    I'd suggest "Crossroads".

    Then, may I suggest "Jailhouse rock" ? hahaha.

  5. Funny you should say Jailhouse Rock...I posted a youtube link on T (jokingly) suggesting it as the soundtrack for the premiere. Thanks for the title idea!