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Saturday, 13 August 2011

Transplant - Episode 2

So far this is what we know about episode 2 of Season 8. It will be written by Foster and Friedman, directed by Dan Attias and will be called 'Transplant'. We've known about the writers/director for a while but only recently found out about the title.

The word 'transplant' is most widely associated with organs; most commonly the removal of one person's to put in another. It can also mean the transplantation of the same person's living tissue to another part of the body. OR, it can have an entirely different meaning. To transplant can also mean to move or be moved from one place to another.

As I have mentioned previously, [H]ouse titles often have layers of meaning or apply to more than one aspect of the episode (often main plot and sub plot). I will take a gamble and say that in this case it will mean House being transplanted from jail to hospital (hopefully to PPTH to add a controversially dramatic level) to get the treatment I theorised that Annable's character would give him (some sort of surgery: mentioned in "A Close Encounter- The 'Change' Aspect). On a more medical (and more obvious, though perhaps misleading) level it could mean that House himself will be getting a transplant.

I have NO medical knowledge other than what I've learnt through TV shows, documentaries and common sense so forgive me if what I say next is complete nonsense.

Scenario ONE: Say a prisoner dies, someone House tried to save for a while, someone who he became close to (a jail Wilson). This prisoner says that when he dies House can have his organs/living tissue; in this case his thigh muscle. Annable performes the surgery, House returns to his normal level of misery (self-defined happiness).

Scenario TWO: House has some sort of brain surgery that minimises his pain. The medical 'transplant' applies to the sub plot which somehow links to House (a prisoner, someone related to Dr. Jessica Adams).

Without knowing what happens in episode 1, 'Twenty Vicodin', it's extremely hard speculating about what will happen in episode 2. That's all I have at the moment.

Any other ideas about what 'Transplant' will mean in this case?


A splendid chap (aka BF) had a very interesting idea about what 'Transplant' could mean. He shared my view that it could mean House being transplanted from jail to hospital. HOWEVER, he also had the idea that perhaps there will be a case so severe that the patient will have to be transplanted to the jail hospital for House to diagnose; an illness so unusual that no other doctor can diagnose let alone cure. Then I thought that this could also apply the other way around. House could be taken to hospital (most likely PPTH) under police custody to treat the patient. That would be his first time back at PPTH. Fireworks.


  1. Totally make senses that transplant would mean that he come back to PPTH !! i did not think about that !


  2. OK, that man of yours is most definitely a keeper! (Like you didn't know that already, LOL) I really like that idea.
    I'd like to see Foreman, as the new DoM, visiting House in jail, informing him about the case, asking for his help and maybe offering him a deal of some sort. Maybe House will even manage to negotiate his sentence being reduced or him going out on early parole if he helps solve the case. Maybe the patient is some politician, a judge, or some other VIP? Maybe they'll release House on probation on the condition he does his community service hours working at the PPTH clinic with Foreman closely monitoring his work? This is a whole lot of maybes, I know.
    I'm thinking House will most probably have to be brought in to PPTH since the patient is most likely too unstable for transport or is in a clean room awaiting for his transplant which he can't get until House fixes whatever else is wrong with him/her.
    This scenario also reminds me of that Buraku story he told in Son of a Coma Guy and why he became a doctor. They all hated the Buraku man, they avoided him like the plague but had to call on him when there was no other way out. House has done his fair share of insane things and but none of them as reckless and dangerous as driving into Cuddy's living room. His colleagues, quite understandably, aren't too pleased with him or too eager to welcome him back: if he was a loose cannon and a huge liability before, he's even more so now. They might not want him around, but they'll be forced to admit that they still need him. I'd like for Yi's first encounter with House to be her getting to see this infamous, dark and dangerous Buraku medicine man side of him.

  3. Haha. I like your idea about the patient being someone connected to the law (judge, VIP...)as I strongly agree with the fact that there will be some major bargaining involved. I think that would add an interesting aspect to it.

    The Buraku man analogy works so well here, you're right. And I second your hope that Yi will meet him at his darkest most masterful time, expertly treating the disease. (Note, I didn't say patient).

    I think somehow it will be Dr. Adams who convinces House to do whatever takes place during 'Transplant'. The fact that she changes him inspires me to think that the favour is returned (as we know it will be) during episode 2. I have a strong feeling the patient will be connected to her.

    Thanks for your comments B! Very interesting views.

    Mel, I have to admit I only thought about House being brought to PPTH to treat the patient after BF said the patient may be transfered to the jail hospital. It seems so obvious now...perhaps too obvious? We'll see.