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Thursday, 4 August 2011

A Close Encounter - The 'Change' Aspect

So it seems that Odette Annable's character will not only become a member of the Diagnostics team, she will make a difference. How? David Shore says that "...he changes her, and she changes him". Shore's mantra has always been that people do not change, they evolve. So I can only think that this connection they share somehow changes their perspectives or their frames of mind. I can't imagine her giving House hope, as after all hope is for sissies. So HOW do they influence one another? I imagine it has something to do with dealing with pain (both physical and emotional). It makes me wonder how this all came about...which perhaps leads back to figuring out why the episode is called 'Twenty Vicodin'.

Shore also says that they will go back to dealing with the fundamentals of right and wrong. They often deal with these matters by giving the patient one perspective and House another. Right and wrong are difficult concepts and are often the foundation premeses of said fundamental issues. I wonder which arguments they will take on.


Greg Yaitanes tweeted yesterday emphasizing the fact that Odette Annable has been the only woman that could change House.

I had one of those 'lightbulb' moments and came up with a theory which I posted a little haphazardly on Twitter last night. I believe she changes House physically. It would make sense considering they do not believe a person can actually change as I mentioned previously.

My theory was initially based around the fact that she changes him via experimental brain or leg surgery. She is a young character, which made me think that she is perhaps a researcher. This in turn led me to the idea that she deals with the brain and perhaps conducts neurological tests on prisoners. Tests are often conducted on criminals in order to assess whether their brains function differently. I thought that perhaps she finds something in House's brain, most likely in the area that deals with pain. Does she manage to end or minimize his leg pain?


 Source: EW.com

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