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Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Charlyne Yi - So PPTH in Episode 2?

According to TV Line actress Charlyne Yi will be joining the Diagnostics team in Season 8. We recently found out that Odette Annable has also joined the team in the same capacity. Two new women on the team will certainly shake things up a bit. I know we had Masters more or less fill in for Thirteen but I'm interested in seeing two completely new female characters on House's team. It makes me wonder what their personalities will be like. Will they clash or form some sort of sisterhood in an effort to stand up to House's constant irregular demands. SPOILER! We know that House will be in jail when S8 begins, and according to this article Yi joins in the second episode. Does this mean that we are back at PPTH in the second episode then? I doubt that he will meet both doctors in jail....

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  1. Mmm... Sí a mi también me parece interesante tener a dos doctoras en el equipo. Y estoy totalmente de acuerdo contigo, si ella formará parte del equipo a partir del segundo episodio, ¿entonces quiere decir que House estará en el hospital para ese momento?

    La participación de ambas doctores me parece maravillosa, yo mismo he redactado un artículo acerca de lo que pienso, http://housemdspace.blogspot.com/2011/08/un-punado-de-risas-y-la-otra-nueva.html. Sí quieres y no es mucha molestia agradecería tu comentario :)

    Sin más que decir, te deseo tengas un maravilloso día. ¡Cada vez falta menos!