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Saturday, 17 September 2011

S8 Cast Photo

I like the concept of the photo with the x-ray/MRI film on an illuminated wall. The film is of course transparent and black and white. This contrasts nicely with the fact that medicine is not. X-rays and MRIs are used to identify a problem, to look closer than the human eye is capable of. The fact that House is the biggest negative in the middle illustrates that (on one hand) he is the one being examined. But you see him only at face value, you don't see inside him. Taub is holding up a film of a human head up towards House, but all you can see is the skull, no brain. Perhaps because House wasn't thinking 'clearly' or because people can't see (understand) his actions.

Foreman is the only one seated. I think by now we can almost safely assume he will be the new DoM. Unless things we have seen and read so far are part of an elaborate bluff. Being seated means being more comfortable than the others; a position of comfort...He also, as always, has an air of being the boss. 

@Stathies said she thought it has a Nineteen Eighty Four vibe, which is what I had thought when I saw the first poster (being in the dark/unsure of time and letting your thoughts and worst fears destroy you - Room 101). But this one captures the idea perfectly with "Big Brother" always watching, as House has always done with the team, always knowing everything about them and their every move and thought process. This lends itself well to the obvious and yet subtle fact that House is not actually in the picture, he is not there. The concept is inverted, with House being the one who ends up in jail. 

The characters also seem disconnected and slightly uneasy which could represent the fact that it is a new team and it will take some time for them to fit together. Wilson is facing away from the rest of the team, almost as though he is walking away. It made me think that he also has his back to House. At the end of 'Moving On' his half smile indicated he somewhat understood why House had expressed his anger in a vehicular fashion, but the consequences of his actions highlight just how serious it was. There is almost a hole where Dr. Cuddy should be...

Lastly, the film reminds me of what David Shore said he wanted for Season 8: to go back to the foundations, to the crux of what the show used to be. I look forward to seeing what's in store.


  1. Interesting analysis poulette! As always. ;)

  2. I like your idea about the x-rays and MRI's = House being examined. brilliant.
    I'm afraid of the idea that Foreman will be Cuddy's replacement as the dean..but I'll try to trust the writers on this..well, it's not like I have a choice :P
    and of course it's a bit weird seeing unfamiliar faces in the poster..no cuddy :( but yet I'm excited about the new characters
    can't wait! october 3rd! :)

  3. Thanks Lee! I know not many people are looking forward to seeing Foreman as the Dean but I'm interested in seeing the power play between them. Foreman will most likely take advantage of his position and make House pay but he knows that no matter what position House is in, he's still the boss (manipulating the situation).

    It will be incredibly sad not seeing Cuddy there, but I find some solace in the fact that House will be back to his old ways, putting medicine above all else. It is strange seeing the newcomers in the poster but we got used to the new 'old' team...

    I'm so excited about the premiere! ONE WEEK.